In this age of Hypermobility and elliptical machines, we have lost the efficiency of human mobility, and everyone should reconsider and review their current opinion.

Road-rage and stress associated with commuting is proof enough. Within the city centre, commuting is the biggest unseen challenge for society. The human becomes an irritable twitchy mimic of the ill-fitting machine. To set a new example is difficult. Each must review and change their commuting habits for personal reasons. We all have a natural desire to save time and money while going from A to B, two common contexts in which elliptical talk is used. Take it personally; you don’t need three empty seats every journey. We need to define a new category of sustainable personal mobility, for the 21st century and we all need to become Elliptical Evangelists!

our elliptical mission 1


A>>B’s general mission is to educate people and facilitate change within our city streets. We lead the search for systems and better vehicular options to ease our daily congestion, and we review our current options. A>>B is building the needed bridges between the engineers/designers, the government and the general public. Society would like an innovative approach to this debate, we welcome all positive input and solutions to the constant to and fro of modern living.

our elliptical mission 2

We have prepared a comprehensive presentation of vehicles and systems to bring to companies which require advice on their staff’s needs. This is an advisory service to all who need it. In every case, the employees’ productivity levels have risen, repeatedly, while the ethical associations help define the corporate culture.


The real cost of motoring has stayed the same since 1975 but the real cost of public transport has gone up by 50-80 per cent. Regular cyclists typically enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being ten years younger than the rest of the population. Two-thirds of people think that pedestrians and cyclists should be given priority in towns and cities, even if this makes things difficult for other road users. Cycling is often quicker than driving, keeps you healthy and keeps you in touch with your local neighbourhood.

We would like every independent company to set an example of low impact commuting within their community, and we want every company to review their current situation, 2018 is soon upon us, please send us your yearly feed-back – contact us here. –Paul A. Zimmerman