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A>>B: Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Review & Product Brief

Here is our third piece in our series of product reviews and briefs, that we, at A>>B, started back almost 3 years ago, our goal is to help you reach your goals as fast as possible (when i comes to fitness and human mobility), this product brief and review focuses on the classic, but regularly updated Bowflex Max Trainer M5 (big brother to the Bowflex Max Trainer M3). Let’s start out with listing 8 reasons why you seriously should consider a Bowflex Max Trainer M5, let the review begin.

Watch out! The Max Trainer M5 has been outmoded and superseded by the new Bowflex Max Trainer M6 model – released in November 2018. This review is not up-to-date with the current model. When Black Friday 2018 (Friday, 23 November) comes along we plan to have an updated version of this product review online. Until then make sure you do your own research before your invest your hard earned stash. Our current recommendation, before we know more, is to check out the entry-level Bowflex Max Trainer M3, more information here and here.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5

There is a wide range of home workout equipment on the market. In fact, there are so many models out there, it can get downright confusing. You might have a vague idea of what you’re looking for and end up with a machine that sets you back a few hundred backs without delivering the experience or results you’re looking for. The fact is every product out there has at least few reasons why you should buy it. You have to be clear if these reasons line up with your needs.

Case in point, the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is quite popular among home workout enthusiasts. But is it the right piece of equipment for you?

Please note the 8 reasons below. Please also note that we currently recommend the Bowflex Max Trainer M3.

Reason #1 The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 offers a holistic workout

If you’re looking for a machine that is a hybrid of a classic stair stepper and an elliptical machine, this Bowflex Max Trainer M5 model has you covered. You get to work out your arms, legs, and thighs together. You also get to huff and puff quite a bit during the process. If you’re looking for a compact cardio machine, such as the Bowflex Max Trainer M5, demonstrated by new consumer testing reviews, this is definitely right up your alley. Consumer Testing Laboratories, specialist in the evaluation of consumer products since 1952.

Reason #2 Compact small footprint design

Apartment and dorm dwellers will love this machine. If you are short on floor area in your home, the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 has you covered because it is vertically instead of horizontally oriented. It doesn’t take up much precious living room real estate. Its relatively small 46 inch footprint also makes it easy to move around. Pushing it out of your living room into a closet is very easy and quick. It doesn’t hog up your closet space since it has a small base and you can easily pack stuff around its tall frame.

Reason #3 Smartphone friendly design

If you use a mobile phone app to track or guide your exercise programs, this machine synchs with your smart phone while you’re doing your daily workout. It supports a wide range of fitness apps in addition to the app HealthKit released by Apple. Getting data to your app to maximize your workouts’ results have never been easier.

Reason #4 Modern sleek design

Looking like the love child of a jet engine and a stair stepper, the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 has a very sleek look that is undeniable. It definitely catches eyeballs in a very good way. Its unitary or monolithic design is very efficient. You won’t trip over yourself over a mass of independent moving pedals and protruding parts. It’s compact and stocky form makes it easy to work with.

Reason #5 The Max M5 is very easy to assemble (just as easy as the entry-level Bowflex Max Trainer M3)

This one really blew our minds. Seriously. This Bowflex machine’s manual is actually written in plain, easy to follow and understand English. Who knew? Since the pictures and instructions are intuitive and very logical and orderly, putting this bad boy together from different sub-assemblies and parts was a relative breeze. Although it took slightly over an hour, this assembly time, believe it or not, is actually quite a relief compared to other home workout machines with farm more parts and less complete sub-assembly units. You don’t have to waste precious minutes second guessing yourself as you turn and fold the instructions over trying to figure out how parts fit together.

Reason #6 It challenges you the right way

Some machines are just a hassle to work with. Their pedals are too heavy, too high up, too broad, or simply are not optimally designed. Well, you won’t complain about this Bowflex model (M5) based on the grounds above. Its pedals, at their highest point, are 15 inches from the ground. Not too bad. Most people can comfortably step at this clearance level.

Another thing that gets attention for this machine is that it doesn’t have a motorized step assist system.

Quite a number of home workout equipment models in the market assist your steps so you don’t have to put all your weight on a pedal to move it. This is quire refreshing because the key to maximizing workouts on an elliptical or stepper is to get worked up as you push the pedals down. You rely on your own strength and this can get you sweating and panting in a good way in no time. If you find the pedals too stiff, you can always adjust this machine’s resistance through its easy to figure out control system.

Reason #7 You can use your tablet while working out

Right in the middle of this unit rests its control panel display system. Protruding from the screen’s lip is a panel you can lay your tablet on. This is quite handy if you’re playing games as you work out or you’re watching some sort of streaming video. The main drawback with this design is that your tablet will be blocking your workout data from the display system. You can watch a movie or you can check your workout readouts but not both. It doesn’t help that the control panel is separate from the display. The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 could have been designed more efficiently with an integrated or built-in display into the control system panel.

Reason #8 The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 truly delivers on its 14-minute workout promise

If you have come across this Bowflex model’s promotional materials online, you are probably aware that this unit is supposed to help you enable you to burn more calories in less time than an elliptical and a stair stepper machine combines. Quite a big boast, don’t you think? Well, it turns out that in as little as 14 minutes, users can burn off 2.5 times more calories than an elliptical machine. Similarly, within the same time frame, you stand to vaporize 1.5 times more calories than a stair stepper. Not bad. Not bad at all. Talk about convenience. Seriously. After all, most of us have lives to live and don’t have several hours a day to devote to working out.

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While the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is far from perfect, it does have its fair share of selling points. Keep the benefits above in mind as you size up different comprehensive workout machines. See if the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 benefits line up with your own needs, check out bowflex.com. Update 11/11/18: this model is no longer produced, we recommend checking out the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 instead.

Happy New Year and Healthy Christmas!

We hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas and a healthy New Year. We know that not everybody can be healthy all the time, but we’re doing our best to provide some great advice which will help achieve that.

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A>>B: Sole E35 Elliptical Review & Product Specs

Here is the second piece in our short series of reviews where we, A>>B, help you, our reader, to reach your fitness goal faster, cuz’ that’s what you really need in order to take your human mobility and your home gym to the next level, in this review we take a look at the new Sole E35 elliptical. This powerful elliptical offers the resistance, safety features, and convenient technological features you need to lose weight and build muscle mass. Let’s get started with the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical review we have all been waiting for.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Sole E35 Elliptical Offers Intense Workouts – Let’s Review Them All

Exercise vigorously with the Sole E35 elliptical – this Hypermobility Trend review will show you how. This elliptical combines a 25 pound flywheel with a high gear ratio unavailable in comparable models to deliver an intense workout at the highest resistance settings. This ensures that you never need to upgrade your elliptical because you “outgrew” it.

The Sole E35 elliptical handgrips are also moveable, increasing the variety of routines you can perform. Completing the same set day after day not only leaves some of your muscles unworked (review ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) , but also gets boring after a while. Ellipticalconsumers.com stressed the fact, in a recent review of fitness equipment from Sole Fitness, that it can seem harder to get on your Sole E35 elliptical if it no longer engages you, so variety is essential to ensure that you keep using it and burn calories.

The included power incline feature allows for the addition of even more resistance plus the versatility to target any group of lower body muscles in your routine at the touch of a button. No fewer than 20 ramp incline levels are available, making the Sole E35 capable of completing a diverse array of workout regimens that comparable models cannot. Alternatively, the upper body workout setting offers a satisfying exercise routine for the entire body.

The Sole Fitness E35 is the little sister to the bigger and more expensive Sole Fitness E95 (reviewed last year).

Sole E35 Safety and Comfort Reviewed

Stay safe every time you use your Sole E35 elliptical. The unit maintains its smooth feel no matter how much resistance you choose, making it the ideal choice for anybody interested in fitness. Four wheels located on the back on the unit glide on heavy duty rails to provide additional stability, a feature commonly found only on more expensive models. This has the added benefit of reducing side to side pedal motion as well.

The Sole E35 is also constructed of thick, durable steel that offers great stability even for the heaviest users.

Comfort is important during an intense workout, and the Sole E35 contains oversized foot pedals to reduce the ankle and knee stress frequently associated with the use of an elliptical. These foot pedals are the result of a collaborative effort between SOLE engineers and one of the nation’s leading physical therapists, who collectively developed pedals with a two-degree inward slope for maximum comfort while working out.

These pedals are also articulated, allowing you to adjust them to your particular gait. No two people walk in exactly the same way, so why would you want a rigid elliptical pedal tailored specifically to somebody else’s feet? Research suggests that these articulated pedals reduce the risk of numb toe and sore Achilles tendons sometimes associated with elliptical use.

The Sole E35 functions both forwards and backwards while utilizing a whisper quiet drive system and fluid natural motion to mitigate the noise pollution caused by the machine. This allows you to work out even if somebody else is in the same room.

Sole Fitness Data Collection and Storage

Collect and access your fitness information at any time using the Sole Fitness E35’s built-in data collection and transfer capabilities. Users interested in collecting their fitness data may do so using built-in pulse sensors in the elliptical’s stationary handlebars. There is also an included heart rate chest strap to collect your cardio information without having to use your hands. The information is displayed on a white 7.5-inch back lit LCD screen so that you can monitor your performance in real time.

No modern elliptical would be complete without modern conveniences, and the Sole E35 includes many. A water bottle holder and built-in cooling fan help keep you cool and hydrated while you exercise. Built-in speakers allow you to plug in any MP3 device (such as an iPod) for something to listen to while you work out. Finally, brand new Bluetooth capability allows you to conveniently transfer your fitness data from your Sole E35 to a variety of the most popular fitness apps on the market, including the FitBit, MapMyRun, Record, and Apple Health. You can also transfer your data to the free SOLE app developed by this product’s manufacturer.

This connectivity makes it very easy to track your data across longer time frames or when you cannot access your elliptical, such as during a doctor’s appointment or during your lunch break at work.

Sole E35 Elliptical Product Specs 2018

Find the specification of the 2018 model below.

Sole E35 Elliptical: Important Machine Dimensions

  • Height x Length x  Width (in): 67″ x 82″ x 31″
  • The Full Item Weight (lbs.): about 231 lbs.
  • Item Weight Capacity (lbs.): about 375 lbs.
  • Box Dimensions (length, height and width): 66″ x 23″ x 34″

The Controls & Features Reviewed Again:

Bluetooth Compatibility: Available since 2016. Standard Programs, Custom Programs and Heart Programs: 6 plus 2 plus 2 (totaling 10 programs). Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips and Chest Strap Compatible

  • Cooling Fans and Sound System: Available on all models
  • Workout Display: 7.5-inch LCD White Back-lit
  • Water Bottle Holder: Standard
  • Adjustable Console and Foot Pedals: Yes
  • Foot Pedals: Three Position

The Full Warranty Information

The Frame warranty is a Lifetime one. Electronics comes with a 5 Year warranty. Parts comes with 5 Years and Labor comes with a 2 Year warranty.

Sole E35 Elliptical Review Conclusion

In summation, the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical offers a variety of features that help it stand out from the competition, including high maximum resistance settings, versatility in what muscles you can target

Now, get in touch, and send us your feed-back!

A durable steel construction for maximum stability, and adjustable foot pedals that help prevent injury, and the ability to automatically collect and review fitness data and transfer, directly from the Sole E35 Elliptical, it wirelessly to your app of choice.


In this age of Hypermobility and elliptical machines, we have lost the efficiency of human mobility, and everyone should reconsider and review their current opinion.

Road-rage and stress associated with commuting is proof enough. Within the city centre, commuting is the biggest unseen challenge for society. The human becomes an irritable twitchy mimic of the ill-fitting machine. To set a new example is difficult. Each must review and change their commuting habits for personal reasons. We all have a natural desire to save time and money while going from A to B, two common contexts in which elliptical talk is used. Take it personally; you don’t need three empty seats every journey. We need to define a new category of sustainable personal mobility, for the 21st century and we all need to become Elliptical Evangelists!

our elliptical mission 1


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our elliptical mission 2

We have prepared a comprehensive presentation of vehicles and systems to bring to companies which require advice on their staff’s needs. This is an advisory service to all who need it. In every case, the employees’ productivity levels have risen, repeatedly, while the ethical associations help define the corporate culture.


The real cost of motoring has stayed the same since 1975 but the real cost of public transport has gone up by 50-80 per cent. Regular cyclists typically enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being ten years younger than the rest of the population. Two-thirds of people think that pedestrians and cyclists should be given priority in towns and cities, even if this makes things difficult for other road users. Cycling is often quicker than driving, keeps you healthy and keeps you in touch with your local neighbourhood.

We would like every independent company to set an example of low impact commuting within their community, and we want every company to review their current situation, 2018 is soon upon us, please send us your yearly feed-back – contact us here. –Paul A. Zimmerman

A>>B: Sole E95 Elliptical Product Specs & Brief Review

This will be the first piece of a short series of post where we, A>>B, help our readers to reach their fitness goals faster, because that’s whats really needed if you want to take your human mobility to the next level, we will start by looking at the new Sole E95 elliptical trainer, it’s an elliptical machine designed by Sole Fitness to offer value. Have fun and make sure to read this review to the end!

sole e95

It comes with a simple console that includes a lively LED readout. Users also get an in built cooling fan. It is easy to keep hydrated with this machine because it features a holder where you can place your water bottle for easy access. It weighs about 215 pounds.

This model offers fluid, natural movements because of the inclusion of the whisper-quiet drive technology. It also has a 29 lb flywheel and its gear ratio is high unlike most elliptical models to give users a smooth experience and quality resistance. This is one of the leading models in the manufacturer’s elliptical series. It is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts who want serious workouts. The Sole Fitness E95 operates like some of the high-end trainers, and has been reviewed favorable by many high-end fitness magazines. It’s the bigger brother to the slightly less expensive Sole Fitness E35.

There are 20 resistance levels and it can accommodate users who weight up to 400 pounds.

Sole E95 Elliptical Comes With Improved Power Incline & Review Introduction

The Sole E95 elliptical trainer comes with a power incline option that helps to enhance resistance especially when users are working on their core muscles. This feature, as pointed out by many online reviews, makes workouts diverse. All you have to do is press a button to lift an incline ramp on the machine to get an ideal position. As pointed out by Richard Johnson from EllipticalCardio.com the new E95 SOLE Elliptical makes it really easy to review and adjust the ramp angle, on your elliptical machine, to about 40 degrees.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

Adjusting the Sole E95 elliptical ramp angle makes it possible to target all the lower muscles separately.

E95 LCD Screen

It is easy to track workouts on this elliptical model. The E95 elliptical comes with a 9-inch LCD screen. This commercial grade display offers windows for pace, pulse, calories uses, distance, incline, time, and resistance. Its console provides several convenient amenities such as in built speakers that allow users to listen to music through their MP3 players or iPod.

sole fitness e95 display

Heart Rate Elliptical Workouts

Users get two workout options on this machine that are based on their heart rate. This makes it possible to customize workouts to meet your individual requirements. When you are engaged in a heart rate workout, this model will show a zone graph on the display and adjust resistance to ensure you remain in the target zone. This elliptical comes with a chest strap that will capture your heart rate.

The Sole E95 elliptical chest strap is wireless and it has a 99.9% accuracy rating.

Sole Fitness Program Options

It also features 6 automatic programs and a couple of customizable ones to allow you to get comprehensive workouts each time.

Sole Fitness Elliptical Machines Comes w/ Oversize Pedals

The Sole E95 elliptical has oversized pedals to enhance comfort. The pedals are custom-designed and feature quality foam cushioning. The manufacturer used a prominent physical therapist who is also a sports enthusiast to come up with the pedal design. One of the unique aspects on the pedals is their 2-degree inward slopes. These slopes reduce knee and ankle stress when you work out.

Another distinct feature is the use of an adjustment system on the foot pedals.

The manufacturer, Sole Fitness, understands that each user has a unique walking style and they have designed the machine to adjust itself to match the user’s gait. This is achieved using the worm drive system. With this system, it is possible to set a specific pedal angle from the toe to the heel. There are 10 adjustment options. The adjustment reduces soreness and numbness during workouts. Most people report pain and soreness in their Achilles tendons and numb feeling in their toes when they use elliptical machines. This is not a concern with the Sole Fitness E95 model. Also worth pointing out that Sole Fitness has released upgraded new E95S SOLE Elliptical model (review is forthcoming) that comes with adjustable stride length.

sole fitness

Sole Ellipical E95 New Pulse Sensors

This model has some pulse sensors built into its handle bars. The sensors are used to keep track of your heart rate, which is essential if you are trying to attain specific fitness goals.

Heavy Duty Rails

This elliptical machine, the E95 elliptical model but also true for the E95S model, has heavy duty rails that accommodate 4 rear wheels to give users a smoother experience when working out. The inclusion of rails also helps to reduce side-to-side pedal motion when the machine is in operation. This is a great feature for a reasonably priced model.

Sole e95 elliptival cup holder

Sole E95 Elliptical Conclusion

The E95 elliptical is an innovative elliptical machine that comes with features designed to make it easy to attain workout goals without putting excessive stress on the body.

Now, get in touch, and send us your feed-back!

It allows users to customize programs and make adjustments to ensure comfort and comprehensive workouts. The model offers quiet and smooth operation. If you are in search of a machine that will give you god value for your money, this model, the 2016 Sole E95 Elliptical, from Sole Fitness is a great choice.