A>>B: Sole E95 Elliptical Product Specs & Brief Review

This will be the first piece of a short series of post where we, A>>B, help our readers to reach their fitness goals faster, because that’s whats really needed if you want to take your human mobility to the next level, we will start by looking at the new Sole E95 elliptical trainer, it’s an elliptical machine designed by Sole Fitness to offer value. Have fun and make sure to read this review to the end!

sole e95

It comes with a simple console that includes a lively LED readout. Users also get an in built cooling fan. It is easy to keep hydrated with this machine because it features a holder where you can place your water bottle for easy access. It weighs about 215 pounds.

This model offers fluid, natural movements because of the inclusion of the whisper-quiet drive technology. It also has a 29 lb flywheel and its gear ratio is high unlike most elliptical models to give users a smooth experience and quality resistance. This is one of the leading models in the manufacturer’s elliptical series. It is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts who want serious workouts. The Sole Fitness E95 operates like some of the high-end trainers, and has been reviewed favorable by many high-end fitness magazines. It’s the bigger brother to the slightly less expensive Sole Fitness E35.

There are 20 resistance levels and it can accommodate users who weight up to 400 pounds.

Sole E95 Elliptical Comes With Improved Power Incline & Review Introduction

The Sole E95 elliptical trainer comes with a power incline option that helps to enhance resistance especially when users are working on their core muscles. This feature, as pointed out by many online reviews, makes workouts diverse. All you have to do is press a button to lift an incline ramp on the machine to get an ideal position. As pointed out by Richard Johnson from EllipticalCardio.com the new E95 SOLE Elliptical makes it really easy to review and adjust the ramp angle, on your elliptical machine, to about 40 degrees.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

Adjusting the Sole E95 elliptical ramp angle makes it possible to target all the lower muscles separately.

E95 LCD Screen

It is easy to track workouts on this elliptical model. The E95 elliptical comes with a 9-inch LCD screen. This commercial grade display offers windows for pace, pulse, calories uses, distance, incline, time, and resistance. Its console provides several convenient amenities such as in built speakers that allow users to listen to music through their MP3 players or iPod.

sole fitness e95 display

Heart Rate Elliptical Workouts

Users get two workout options on this machine that are based on their heart rate. This makes it possible to customize workouts to meet your individual requirements. When you are engaged in a heart rate workout, this model will show a zone graph on the display and adjust resistance to ensure you remain in the target zone. This elliptical comes with a chest strap that will capture your heart rate.

The Sole E95 elliptical chest strap is wireless and it has a 99.9% accuracy rating.

Sole Fitness Program Options

It also features 6 automatic programs and a couple of customizable ones to allow you to get comprehensive workouts each time.

Sole Fitness Elliptical Machines Comes w/ Oversize Pedals

The Sole E95 elliptical has oversized pedals to enhance comfort. The pedals are custom-designed and feature quality foam cushioning. The manufacturer used a prominent physical therapist who is also a sports enthusiast to come up with the pedal design. One of the unique aspects on the pedals is their 2-degree inward slopes. These slopes reduce knee and ankle stress when you work out.

Another distinct feature is the use of an adjustment system on the foot pedals.

The manufacturer, Sole Fitness, understands that each user has a unique walking style and they have designed the machine to adjust itself to match the user’s gait. This is achieved using the worm drive system. With this system, it is possible to set a specific pedal angle from the toe to the heel. There are 10 adjustment options. The adjustment reduces soreness and numbness during workouts. Most people report pain and soreness in their Achilles tendons and numb feeling in their toes when they use elliptical machines. This is not a concern with the Sole Fitness E95 model. Also worth pointing out that Sole Fitness has released upgraded new E95S SOLE Elliptical model (review is forthcoming) that comes with adjustable stride length.

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Sole Ellipical E95 New Pulse Sensors

This model has some pulse sensors built into its handle bars. The sensors are used to keep track of your heart rate, which is essential if you are trying to attain specific fitness goals.

Heavy Duty Rails

This elliptical machine, the E95 elliptical model but also true for the E95S model, has heavy duty rails that accommodate 4 rear wheels to give users a smoother experience when working out. The inclusion of rails also helps to reduce side-to-side pedal motion when the machine is in operation. This is a great feature for a reasonably priced model.

Sole e95 elliptival cup holder

Sole E95 Elliptical Conclusion

The E95 elliptical is an innovative elliptical machine that comes with features designed to make it easy to attain workout goals without putting excessive stress on the body.

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It allows users to customize programs and make adjustments to ensure comfort and comprehensive workouts. The model offers quiet and smooth operation. If you are in search of a machine that will give you god value for your money, this model, the 2016 Sole E95 Elliptical, from Sole Fitness is a great choice.